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Wedding Makeup ~ Wisconsin Dells Area ~ Why You Should Hire A Pro | anitajustmakeup.com

18 Feb

Wedding Makeup ~ Wisconsin Dells Area ~ Why You Should Hire A Pro

Now you are planning your wedding in Wisconsin Dells; looking at this site to research wedding makeup in Wisconsin Dells and you are learning a lot. One thing every bride learns and learns quick is this:

Weddings can get expensive.

Wedding MakeUp – Essential Tools of the Trade

18 Feb

Wedding Makeup – Why You Should Hire A Pro | anitajustmakeup.com

18 Feb

Wedding Makeup – Why You Should Hire A Pro

Weddings can get expensive.

It can be tempting to put most of the emphasis on budgeting for the events of the day, such as the venue, the food and the dress. This is certainly important.
The Wedding Album is most important in terms of time.
Your kids of the future won’t be at the wedding. They will, however, look at the album which will reflect the results of your choice of photographer, hairdresser and makeup artist.

Quantum K – Free Healing Experience

3 Feb

Wow, Wow, and double wow. This is a cross dimension/time healing of the physical/emotional that addresses subconscious programming. I can feel responses to the ideas that indicate charge around the ideas.


27 Nov

In my childhood home, the library was the room where we had the Christmas tree. It stood in the bay window, and for that month I couldn’t lie down on the window seat cushions there. The rest of the year I loved doing just that, drifting into half sleep, listening to the house, my family, knowing what they were doing by the sounds. Sometimes I looked at our Encyclopedia Britannica; heavy, red books with a musty smell and lots of pictures.

Even then they seemed outdated. I used them for school projects, but National Geographic magazines were often times a better resource. In that house, there was plenty of room to save and store these heavy, high quality mags.

But today I live minimally, and absorb information maximally. I want to know what Marilyn Monroe’s birthday was, what movies that Australian actor I like has made. Or I want to know about the most current studies done on DHEA. Or I want to read the rest of the poem with the quote, “Give me your tired, your poor…”.
I know where to go to find all this.

I love the world wide web. I love Wikipedia.
The best of the web is still engineered by the more noble motivations of integrity, excellence and sharing.

Thank you, Wikimedia. I donated and it felt Great!

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