Chiropractor Baraboo WI- Why the Medical Mob Boycotted Chiropractors

13 Jul

Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine that uses the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of  mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system and especially the spine. The theory states that these kinds of disorders have widespread effects on the general health of the body via the nervous system.

Chiropractic history began in 1895 with one man; Daniel David Palmer. He performed an adjustment on a janitor who was somewhat deaf.  When the subject came around a few days later and said his hearing seemed better, Mr. Palmer took the ball and ran with it, opening the first Chiropractic school two years later.

Early days proved to be combative for the emerging practice. The existing medical mob took offense to their new ideas, saying it was too close to osteopathy and that Chiropractors were getting away with practicing medicine without a license.  On that charge many Chiropractors and even the founding father, D.D. Palmer, were put in jail.

Ten years after its inception, in 1906, D.D. Palmer’s son took over the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Under B.J Palmer’s watch the practice expanded and the use of technology, such as X-Rays, became accepted.

Even within the school of Chiropractors, there was extreme disagreement on how to go about treatment with there being two main schools of thought. The “straights” would use only spinal adjustments. This group, now the minority group, think that the element of vitalism, “innate intelligence” of the body, and spinal adjustments were all that was needed for comprehensive treatment. They consider subluxations or improper alignment of the spine to be the cause of all disease.

The other group referred to as “mixers” had no problem mixing spinal adjustments with other treatments. This is the majority group now and they are more open to mainstream views and more conventional medical techniques; exercise, ice therapy for reducing inflammation, and also massage, which is fast becoming recognized as having great medical benefits.

In 1975, the National Institutes of Health sponsored a conference on the subject and this had the effect of greatly encouraging research for Chiropractic medicine. Nevertheless, the American Medical Association, a modern day mob of dissenters, strongly disapproved of Chiropractors calling them an “unscientific cult”. To them,  the idea of “innate intelligence” of the body was highly unscientific.

The AMA boycotted the use of Chiropractic until 1987 when there was an antitrust won in favor of  the Chiropractic group. Apparently someone thought the American Medical Association was bullying Chiropractors and protecting a monopoly on acceptable medical practices.

Finally, after 92 years, Chiropractic as a professional treatment became accepted by the medical association.

Presently,Chiropractic is well established in the U.S., Canada and Australia. It has grown to be the third largest health profession, with medicine and dentistry in first and second.




Here it is – great content on Chiropractic history.


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