Chiropractor Baraboo WI

16 Jul

Chiropractor Baraboo WI – A Powerful Experience of Well-Being


Seeing a Chiropractor can be a great experience; even just one spinal adjustment can change everything. It can have quite an amazing impact on a person’s overall health because the alignment of the spine affects the entire system by means of the nervous system. It may help with back pain.  It may strengthen the autoimmune system. It can boost energy levels and it can give a powerful experience of well-being as the natural energy pathways are opened.

However, in spite of the many benefits of visiting a Chiropractor, there may sometimes seem to be a downside to it as well. Some people need long term care with many adjustments to retrain the spine – that’s if their injury is very old or if it was very severe. You see, Chiropractic care is not as invasive as some old school medical professionals tend to be. The old method is to get in and solve the problem quickly by any means. Chiropractors like to open up the possibility of the “innate intelligence” of the body to heal itself. For some, this seems to take too long to get relief. In this case they may opt for surgery instead even though there are always risks and side effects from this choice.

In many cases patients actually do need to see their Chiropractor more than once. If you are having pain from a repetitive movement, such as from pitching baseball or from sitting behind a computer all day, or from cutting hair for years, you may need a longer time to get the spine to hold the adjustments. It may take months or years to correct a situation that was years in the making.

Another good point regarding Chiropractic care is the role the patient plays in their own treatment and recovery. Will you go to a Chiropractor only long enough to relieve pain, thereby inviting relapse? Or will you stick with it until the underlying issue is completely resolved?

Traditional medical doctors tend to want to take control of your body, as though only they know what is best. Chiropractors, in our own experience, tend to be more holistic in their approach; they coach and assist you in taking responsibility for your own body.  For instance, yoga, Pilates and massage therapy may all be recommended, all of which can greatly assist the spine in its return to proper alignment. But you have to make that happen…they can’t take a yoga class for you!

If you are experiencing acute or long term pain, go see the Chiropractor first. Then take advice on how to help speed your recovery. You may be very surprised.

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Great post – I have had that feeling of well being from a spinal adjustment and it is just yummy. mmmm!


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