27 Nov

In my childhood home, the library was the room where we had the Christmas tree. It stood in the bay window, and for that month I couldn’t lie down on the window seat cushions there. The rest of the year I loved doing just that, drifting into half sleep, listening to the house, my family, knowing what they were doing by the sounds. Sometimes I looked at our Encyclopedia Britannica; heavy, red books with a musty smell and lots of pictures.

Even then they seemed outdated. I used them for school projects, but National Geographic magazines were often times a better resource. In that house, there was plenty of room to save and store these heavy, high quality mags.

But today I live minimally, and absorb information maximally. I want to know what Marilyn Monroe’s birthday was, what movies that Australian actor I like has made. Or I want to know about the most current studies done on DHEA. Or I want to read the rest of the poem with the quote, “Give me your tired, your poor…”.
I know where to go to find all this.

I love the world wide web. I love Wikipedia.
The best of the web is still engineered by the more noble motivations of integrity, excellence and sharing.

Thank you, Wikimedia. I donated and it felt Great!

If you are so moved – click the button in the sidebar that says, “Share”.


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